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4.5 FT Main Image.jpeg

4.5" Flocked Bavarian Pine

  • NO MORE WORRY ABOUT AN ENTIRE STRAND OF LIGHTS GOING OUT! With the patented STAY-LIT lights the secret is the chip in each socket, not the bulb or the wire. This advanced microchip technology keeps the entire strand lit, even if there's a burned out or missing bulb. 

  • NO DISAPPOINTMENT WITH GETTING A GRAY-COLORED WHITE! This flocking is a "true white" color, made in the USA and of the highest quality. It won't fade and is not the gray-colored white that is common with other flocked trees. 

  • DECORATE WITH CONFIDENCE knowing the branches won’t sag or bend, as they’re constructed with metal hinges and heavy gauge wire. The center pole provides a sturdy, solid trunk and is supported with a folding metal stand. 

  • ADORN YOUR TREE LIKE A DESIGNER because with this flocked tree the branches are layered. This allows you to place ornaments deep into the tree and not just on the outside like most. Your tree will be fuller and much more elegant looking.

  • FEEL GOOD KNOWING THE FOLIAGE OF YOUR FLOCKED TREE will look natural and lifelike, as if covered with freshly fallen snow. The tree tips accurately mimic a natural Bavarian Pine. They're created using a special, unique method that makes them look more realistic and natural, as if freshly cut from an Alpine mountainside.

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