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12V Air Compressor

  • 🏁 NO MORE WAITING 6 OR 8 MINUTES to inflate your flat tire. A standard 16” tire takes about 3 minutes to inflate to 30 PSI. To inflate a low tire it only takes about 2 minutes to inflate from 25 to 35 PSI (we recommend keeping your engine running during use). This small, compact and yet powerful portable tire inflator has a max pressure of 100 PSI, a max power of 156 Watts, and a cord reach of over 12’ for easy access to all tires!

  • 🚙 YOU NOW HAVE 2 CONNECTION OPTIONS for more flexibility in using the Sirocco Air Compressor. There is the standard Lighter Adapter for plugging into the 12 volt DC lighter in your car, AND there are battery clips for attaching directly to your battery when that is more convenient. Great for all kinds of ATV, SUV, auto tires, and sports balls. You always have the convenience of an air supply when you need it.

  • 😊 CONVENIENT AND SIMPLE TO USE means your spouse, your son or your daughter can easily inflate their low tires when needed. The rubber feet make sure your air pump stays where it is placed, and doesn’t vibrate around. The light-weight gloves mean if you get caught with a low tire away from home you won’t get dirty hands while you top off the air in your tire.

  • 🚲 CONSTRUCTED OF DURABLE MATERIALS FOR LONG LASTING USE. The cylinder is 30mm in size and made from aluminum metal. The pressure gauge is also metal. The 30mm aluminum cylinder is good for heat dissipation, and it performs better and lasts longer than the smaller, plastic cylinders of many digital models. It also provides a 30 L/Min air flow and has a continuous operating time of 20 minutes before requiring a cool down!

  • 💼 DURABLE CARRY CASE means you can always have the convenience of an air supply when you need it. It’s easy to store in your garage, or in the trunk of your car, and it won’t roll around! The carry case includes the battery clips, a pair of gloves, 2 nozzle adapters, 1 sports ball needle, a valve core removal tool, and a spare fuse. Buy with confidence today!

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