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26" Juniper Pine Wreath

  • THIS 26” WREATH OPENS UP TO 30”, AND IS STUNNINGLY REALISTIC AND LIFE-LIKE. It accurately captures the structure, texture, and color details of natural Juniper Pine needles.

  • THIS DESIGNER WREATH WILL LOOK GRAND above your fireplace, on your front door, on your wall, or in any location were its ambiance will provide enjoyment during the Holiday Season.

  • NO DISAPPOINTMENT WHEN YOU OPEN THE BOX! These high quality wreaths are constructed with a heavier gauge wire than most, for easy use year after year. Once out of the box the needles easily unfold around the perimeter, and with a little shaping and fluffing, it looks fantastic!

  • ADORNED FOR TIMELESS CHARM AND ELEGANCE with Designer placement of select Juniper Pine cones of various sizes, and Incense Cedar sprigs throughout the wreath. An elegant combination for any Holiday setting.

  • A WONDERFUL ALTERNATIVE TO A PROFESSIONALLY ASSEMBLED, FRESH CUT WREATH! Better yet, you will enjoy this wreath for many years to come, and have no hassles with needle clean up or disposal.

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