SALON-WORTHY HAIRSTYLING in the comfort of your home! The PROFESSIONAL AC MOTOR generates a STRONGER AIRFLOW and a HOTTER TEMPERATURE than less expensive DC dryers, which means a REDUCTION IN DRYING TIME. AC dryers also LAST MUCH LONGER (+1,000 hours)! Along with a GREAT LOOK AND FEEL, it is also equipped with a more DURABLE AND LONGER CORD, and a RUBBERIZED FINISH for a comfortable grip. It also comes in an elegant, MAGNETIC GIFT BOX which makes it the PERFECT GIFT!

ADVANCED INFRARED LIGHTS combine HEAT CONTROL and AIR FLOW VELOCITY to make your HAIR SUPPLE, SOFTER, AND SHINIER. Nozzle LIGHTS UP when Infrared is turned on. HEAT IS INFUSED MORE EVENLY to all areas of your hair, helping to IMPROVE MOISTURE BALANCE while PREVENTING STATIC AND FRIZZ. Also, Infrared heat doesn’t lose temperature, meaning FASTER DRYING TIMES and NO OVERHEATING areas of your hair.

SEAL YOUR CUTICLES, ELIMINATE FRIZZ, enjoy that incredible silky "just conditioned" feeling! CERAMIC INFUSED HEATER and Air Outlet Grill provide a CONTINUOUS NEGATIVE ION BOOST, which promotes smooth, shiny, healthier hair. DRYING TIME IS REDUCED while your hair’s HYDRATION AND SHEEN ARE INCREASED.

AIR SCENT FEATURE RELEASES A SPA-LIKE AROMA when drying, making your hair drying experience soothing. This UNIQUE FEATURE will give you a WOW moment when used for the first time. 3 TEMP & 2 SPEED settings for versatile styling. Separate COOL-SHOT BUTTON delivers a blast of cool air to your hair, setting the look you want. REMOVABLE LINT FILTER and 8’ POWER CORD mean easy cleaning and no pulling around the chair!