AIR BOSS INFLATABLES AIR PUMP

LONG INFLATION TIMES ARE GONE! The Air Boss electric air pump inflates an AIR BED 3-TIMES FASTER than other similar looking pumps. Many inflatable pumps look the same, but they're not! WITH OVER 1,000 LITERS-PER-MINUTE OF AIR FLOW you will get the job done fast!

ENJOY YOUR AIR MATTRESS, POOL FLOAT, LAKE INFLATABLE, RAFT, KAYAK, OR BOAT TOWABLE MORE OFTEN, now that you can inflate and deflate them quickly and easily! The Air Boss fills a standard queen air mattress or a power-boat towable in about a minute!

YOU GET SOLID, FIRM INFLATABLES, JUST LIKE THEY SHOULD BE. With "Advanced Air Flow" technology, the Air Boss pushes more air at faster rates than similar looking, less expensive models using older technology. And, no more ear-piercing decibel levels!

FIRST TIME AVAILABLE IN THE U.S. AND CANADA! A top seller throughout Europe, it is now available to you!
3-YEAR WARRANTY AND 30-DAY UNCONDITIONAL MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE provides you peace-of-mind. If you're not 100% satisfied we'll give you a refund or send you a replacement.